Housing/Lodging for Tournament

The Laguna Beach Christian Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida is one of the host facilities for the National Homeschool Football Tournament. All reservations for rooms for teams, parents, cheerleaders and friends are handled through the NHFA Office, however, each team has an appointed representative that will coordinate housing for their team. If you are a coach, parent, player, cheerleader, friend or relative planning to attend the tournament, please contact your team’s representative to book your room.

Click on the links below to see the Main Campus, The Cottages and Gulfside maps:

  • Laguna Beach Main Campus Map
  • Laguna Beach Cottages Map
  • Laguna Beach Gulfside Map
  • Below is picture of Laguna Beach Christian Retreat main campus from Gulfside looking at all the houses on 15th street, Court 1 & 2 between 15th & 14th street, the basketball courts on 14th street and the LBCR office & Bethany building in right middle

    Below is picture of LBCR main campus with Court 1 & 2 directly below and 14th St with the basketball courts and other buildings with LBCR & Bethany building in upper right

    Below is picture of LBCR main campus from 14th stree. Promise Land and houses on 15th street are right in front

    Below is picture of Gulfside building on left, Moses house to the right of Gulfside