2023 NHFA Tournament will be held November 15th – 19th in Panama City Beach, Florida
Teams will arrive on Wednesday, Nov 15th and play on Thursday. All teams will play again on Saturday. The tournament is Saturday night however, anyone staying on Laguna Beach Christian Retreat can depart on Sunday morning.

List of teams competing in this year’s NHFA Tournament (listed alphabetically)
ACA Defenders (Acadiana, LA)
Atlas Rattlers (Fort Worth, TX)
Central Maryland Crusaders (Mount Airy, MD)
Central Virginia Disciples (Richmond, VA)
CHEF Patriots (Baton Rouge, LA)
Christ Prep Patriots (Lenexa, KS)
Cincinnati Landmark Eagles (Cincinnati, OH)
Columbus Crusaders (Galena, OH)
HSAA Angels (Plano, TX)
Illinois Crusaders (Big Rock, IL)
Lighthouse Christian Chargers (Springfield, MO)
NOAH Jaguars (Tulsa, OK)
Noblesville Lions (Noblesville, IN)
Northern Virginia Centurions (Manassas, VA)
OKC Patriots (Oklahoma City, OK)
Tomball Christian Warriors (Tomball, TX)

2023 NHFA Tournament Brochure

For questions you can contact Hank St.Denis at 770-714-5775 or Mike St.Denis at 770-714-7725

The Laguna Beach Christian Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida is one of the host facilities for the National Homeschool Football Tournament. All room reservations are to be made through your football team (do not contact Laguna Beach for rooms/suites).

Above is the map of the Main Campus at Laguna Beach Christian Resort (aka LBCR)

The Cottages
The Cottages Christian Retreat Campus is located 2 miles west of the Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Campus

Above is the map of Gulfside and houses across the street from Gulfside


Laguna Beach Christian Resort

Accommodations Include:

8 Acres Of Private Grounds
13 Swimming Pools
4 Heated Pools
Full Size Basketball Courts
Volleyball Courts On Grounds & Beach
12 Fully-equipped Commercial Kitchens
Beach front and beach access rooms
20 Meeting Rooms
700 Seat Chapel/Auditorium on Grounds
Free Wi-Fi (internet access)
Large outdoor mall less than 5 minutes
Restaurants (major chains & local) nearby



    Eligibility Process
    Eligibility forms are due at midnight on August 15th, 2023.
    Teams may submit up to 8 additional eligibility forms on players, no more than 4 upperclassmen after the August 15th deadline, and no later than midnight on September 15th, 2023.
    Player’s are ineligible to participate in any regular season varsity contest until eligibility status has been established. Ineligible participation results in a forfeiture. Teams with one or more forfeitures due to ineligible participation will not be eligible for selection to the Division 1 and Division 2 brackets.
    Players who have attended/are attending a school must provide transcripts from that school.
    Homeschool players can find simple transcript templates online at sites like the Home School Legal Defense Association.
    Forms may be emailed to info@homeschool-football.com
    Player eligibility status will be published to the NHFA website.

    1. Middle school players and rising 9th graders may submit a letter from parents/school or other official documentation in lieu of transcript.
    2. Restriction on senior transfers is not meant to prohibit
    homeschool players from coming out for their senior year. We welcome these players. However, these players are still required to submit a hardship appeal in order to establish their background.
    3. Players whose eligibility established through the previous eligibility form and process prior to 2023 will not have their eligibility status revisited.
    4. Merely being pulled out of school senior year to homeschool does not on its own constitute a hardship.

    Eligibility Rules
    1. Player who turns 19 before May 1st, of this year is not eligible. He must be a high school student pursuing a high school diploma. He cannot be a high school graduate and must be living with a parent or guardian.
    2. Player has 4 consecutive calendar years of high school eligibility beginning in 9th grade, even if he repeats a grade or participates in a sub-varsity level. Player cannot change or reclassify grade level to increase eligibility. Fifth (5th) year player is not eligible even if he didn’t play football previously in high school.
    3. Player must be engaged in a homeschool or school education curriculum managed by the parent or guardian, teacher or school administrator. Taking dual credit classes are acceptable.
    4. Player who attends a public, online, charter or Christian school must provide school transcript for all high school years along with this eligibility form. Player who attends one of these schools outside the home for more than 3 days a week is a non-homeschool player. Teams are limited in the number of non-homeschool players they can have on their team. 40% non-homeschool for rosters above 24, 50% for rosters with 24 or less players.
    5. Player must enter with at least 2 years of eligibility when joining a team. If player is a senior and has not played previously for the team they are ineligible but may submit a hardship waiver request.
    6. Player must submit a school transcript and/or homeschool transcript at the end of the school year and prior to the football season. Player cannot play in a game until all eligibility forms including transcripts are submitted and approved by the NHFA office. Not providing forms means player cannot play in the NHFA Tournament.
    7. UNDERAGE PLAYER is allowed to play up for teams that do not have more than 24 players on their roster. This MUST BE DESIGNATED on the this form and won’t count towards high school eligibility.
    8. Players that fail to meet all of the eligibility requirements due to extenuating circumstance/change of life event may submit a hardship waiver request form and supporting documents to the eligibility committee. Only requests accompanied by supporting documentation corroborating the claim will be heard by the eligibility committee made up of coaches (not currently sitting) and administrators.

    2023 NHFA Player Eligibility Form due AUGUST 15

    Awards Ceremony at NHFA National Tournament NHFA Awards Ceremony



    2023 NHFA RANKINGS (Won-Loss-Rankings of homeschool teams)

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