2022 NHFA Tournament


The Noah Jags defeated the Georgia Force 42-9 to win their first NHFA Championship. Ranked #1 from preseason throughout the season, the Jags defeated every homeschool team they faced which included Tomball Warriors, Lighthouse Chargers (twice), Christ Prep, OKC Patriots, HSAA Angels and in the Championship game, the Georgia Force.

The 2022 NHFA All-Star Team are players recognized for leadership, sportsmanship and contribution to their team (not just athletically or statistically). Congratulations to the following players:
Aiden Eddins Noah Jaguars
Asher Farley HSAA Angels
Benji Lowery Noah Jaguars
Blake Countryman Dasche Spartans
Brian Chinni HSAA Angels
Caden Leonard Noblesville Lions
Caleb Slaughter North Georgia Falcons
Carson Williams Lighthouse Chargers
Charles Gaspard Chef Patriots
Chase Heissner Columbus Crusaders
Connor Garrett Columbus Crusaders
Daniel Fields HSAA Angels
Daniel Regan Christ Prep
Daunte Dassinger ACA Defenders
Dawon Atchison Noah Jaguars
Dontae Burch Christ Prep
Ezra Criswell Tomball Warriors
Frank Hammock Georgia Force
Garrison Stamatis Christ Prep
Grant Dignan Lighthouse Chargers
Gunner Ramey Noah Jaguars
Harrison Gill HSAA Angels
Hudson Mortimer Cincinnati Landmark Eagles
Hunter Barnard Dasche Spartans
Isaac Lawson Northern Virginia
Isaiah Klepke Cincinnati Landmark Eagles
Isaiah Miller Lighthouse Chargers
Jackson DeBolt Columbus Crusaders
Jackson Resurrección Tomball Warriors
Jacob Medas Columbus Crusaders
Jacob Miller Lighthouse Chargers
Jacob Whitehead Chef Patriots
Joe Cassidy Tomball Warriors
Kamari Sims Grand Valley Patriots
Keyshon Miller North Georgia Falcons
Lance Thompson Northern Virginia
Landon Guidry ACA Defenders
Logan Moulder Georgia Force
Luke Moser Northern Virginia
Marshall Combee Georgia Force
Micah Trent Noah Jaguars
Miller Allen Georgia Force
Nathan Johnston Grand Valley Patriots
Nick Wheeler Noblesville Lions
Payton Johnson Cincinnati Landmark Eagles
Peter Zbylot Tomball Warriors
PJ Robillard Lighthouse Chargers
Reagan Zbylot Tomball Warriors
Samuel Tullos ACA Defenders
Sergio Mercado Grand Valley Patriots
Seth Studt Dasche Spartans
Steven Smith Georgia Force
TJ Crews Christ Prep
Tristan Childers-Salas Dasche Spartans
Wes Carter Noblesville Lions
David Wehmeyer – Northside Lions
Karsten Jergensen – Northside Lions
Fisher Ogden – Northside Lions
Aiden Jagrowski Georgia Force
Braden Cap Northern Virginia
Brandon Palmer Dasche Spartans
Caleb Fleitz Georgia Force
Caleb Landrum North Georgia Falcons
Cannon Gilbert Georgia Force
Dakota reardon Cincinnati Landmark Eagles
Daniel Pacheco Columbus Crusaders
Glendon Wilson Lighthouse Chargers
Hudson kelley CHEF Patriots
Isaac Ardoin ACA Defenders
Jacob Johnson Christ Prep
Joey Mitolo Northern Virginia
John Walters Columbus Crusaders
Jonah Adams Dasche Spartans
Kaleb Street Lighthouse Chargers
Lucas Meier Lighthouse Chargers
Lucius Noe Grand Valley Patriots
Payton may Cincinnati Landmark Eagles
Shermaun Gates Grand Valley Patriots
Toby Richard ACA Defenders
Ty Clark Christ Prep
Zane Moses Columbus Crusaders
Ethan Mcmilan – Northside Lions
Dallas Ashton – Northside Lions

Homeschool Bowl: Lighthouse Christian Chargers 13 Tomball Christian Warriors 7
D2 Championship: Christ Prep Patriots 21 HSAA Angels 18
PCB Bowl: Columbus Crusaders 20 Dasche Spartans
D3 Championship: Cincy Landmark 14 Northern Virginia 9
Patriot Bowl: Northside Lions 20 OKC Patriots 0
D4 Championship: ACA Defenders 38 Central Virginia Disciples 30
Sun Bowl: Grand Valley 32 Noblesville Lions 21
Florida Bowl: CHEF Patriots 22 Illinois Crusaders 20
CCR Bowl: Atlas Rattlers 12 North Georgia 0
Laguna Beach Bowl: Tomball Orange 21 Central Maryland 7

Divison 1 Championship Bracket
Georgia Force Knights 22 Tomball Christian Warriors 21
NOAH Jaguars 28 Lighthouse Chargers 14
Division 2 Bracket
Christ Prep Patriots 36 Dasche Spartans 18
HSAA Angels 22 Columbus Crusaders 15
Division 3 Bracket
Northern Virginia Centurions 39 OKC Patriots 12
Cincinnati Landmark Eagles 20 Northside Lions 14
Division 4 Bracket
ACA Defenders 30 Grand Valley 6
Central Virginia Disciples 22 Noblesville Lions 19
Bowl Bracket Divison
CHEF Patriots 35 Tomball Orange 7
Illinois Crusaders 27 Atlas Rattlers 12
North Georgia 12 Central Maryland 6