2022 NHFA Tournament will be held November 16th – 20th in Panama City Beach, Florida


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For questions you can contact Hank St.Denis at 770-714-5775

The Laguna Beach Christian Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida is one of the host facilities for the National Homeschool Football Tournament. All room reservations are to be made through your football team (do not contact Laguna Beach for rooms/suites).

Above is the map of the Main Campus at Laguna Beach Christian Resort (aka LBCR)

The Cottages
The Cottages of LBCR are located 2 miles west of the Main Campus

Above is the map of Gulfside and houses across the street from Gulfside


Laguna Beach Christian Resort

Accommodations Include:

8 Acres Of Private Grounds
13 Swimming Pools
4 Heated Pools
Full Size Basketball Courts
Volleyball Courts On Grounds & Beach
12 Fully-equipped Commercial Kitchens
Beach front and beach access rooms
20 Meeting Rooms
700 Seat Chapel/Auditorium on Grounds
Free Wi-Fi (internet access)
Large outdoor mall less than 5 minutes
Restaurants (major chains & local) nearby


Results from NHFA Championship Saturday
National Championship: Lighthouse Christian Chargers 27 Tomball Christian Warriors 24
Homeschool Bowl Champions: Georgia Force Knights 35 Noblesville Lions 6
Division 2 Champions: NOAH Jags 39 Dasche Spartans 12
Patriots Bowl Champions: Landmark Christian Eagles 29 Central Maryland Crusaders 14
Division 3 Champions: OKC Patriots 15 Christ Prep Patriots 7
PCB Bowl Champions: Northern Virginia Centurions 53 Grand Valley Patriots 40
Division 4 Champions: ACA Defenders 20 Crimson Knights 16
Beach Bowl Champions: Illinois Crusaders 49 VA Spartans 14

2021 NHFA MVP Parker Aquilera – Lighthouse Christian Chargers

Aiden Eddins – NOAH Jags
Avery Goins – NOAH Jags
Ben Hunt – Grand Valley
Bill Hawley – Illinois Crusaders
Bodie Irhig – OKC Patriot
Braden Cap – Northern Virginia Centurions
Caden Crabtree – DASCHE
Chet Green – NOAH
Cooper Knight – Lighthouse
Daunte Dassinger – ACA
Dean Foster -Illinois Crusaders
Dee Robertson – Virginia Spartans
Deitric Johnson – Noblesville Lions
Deyshaun Dillard – Virginia Spartans
Douglas Guy – ACA
Elijah Gray – OKC Patriot
Eric Nephew – Landmark
Gabe Laymen – Christ Prep
Garrison Stamatis – Christ Prep
Gunner Ramey – NOAH Jags
Isaiah Miller – Lighthouse
Jacob Moore – Noblesville Lions
Jake Ciepy – Georgia Force
James Heckman – Virginia Spartans
JaShawn Hughes – Grand Valley
Joey Mitolo – Northern Virginia Centurions
John Queen – Lighthouse
Jordan Irby – DASCHE
Josh Escobar – DASCHE
Josh Patterson – Georgia Force
Justice Taconet – Virginia Spartans
Justin Wilson – Landmark
Keegan Fredrick – ACA
Lance Thompson – Northern Virginia Centurions
Landon Guidry – ACA
Levi Sanders – Landmark
Lex Underhill – Grand Valley
Luke Ross – Illinois Crusaders
Marshall Comber – Georgia Force
Micah Blair – Christ Prep
Nick Albright – Noblesville Lions
Noah Raymond – OKC Patriot
Noah Smith – Landmark
Paul Lindstrom – Christ Prep
Quentin LaGrone – Grand Valley
Quinn Soukup – OKC Patriot
Sam – Illinois Crusaders
Samson Stanley – Northern Virginia Centurions
Tom Ewig – Noblesville Lions
Tyler Cooper – Georgia Force
Xavian Andrews – DASCHE

2021 Honorable Mention
Andrew Landry – ACA
Benjamin Lowery – NOAH Jags
Brandon Palmer – DASCHE
Brian Morris – Lighthouse
CJ Bryant – Georgia Force
Cole Jackson – DASCHE
Cole Souza – Illinois Crusaders
DeShawn Chaney – Grand Valley
Drew Neighbors – Georgia Force
Elijah Murphree – Christ Prep
Ezra Scott – Illinois Crusaders
Gabe Drown – Northern Virginia Centurions
Hunter Barnard – DASCHE
Jackson Farmer – OKC Patriot
Jacob Johnson – Christ Prep
Jacob Johnson – Grand Valley
Joe Fleetwood – Lighthouse
Joey Bolt – Noblesville Lions
Jonathan Gatz – NOAH Jags
Josh Ellman – Noblesville Lions
JP Skrzypczynski – Illinois Crusaders
Kaden Piche – NOAH Jags
Luke Piazza – Northern Virginia Centurions
Mason Moulder – Georgia Force
Noah Marley – OKC Patriot
Patrick Gereau – Northern Virginia Centurions
PJ Robillard – Lighthouse
Sharmon Eubanks – Grand Valley
Stephen Smith – Georgia Force
TJ Crews – Christ Prep

Results from Thursday games at NHFA Tournament
National Championship Division
Lighthouse Christian Chargers 42 Noblesville Lions 8
Tomball Christian Warriors 35 Georgia Force 20
Division 2
NOAH Jags 48 Landmark Christian Eagles 17
Dasche Spartans 53 Central Maryland Crusaders 7
Division 3
OKC Patriots 33 Grand Valley Patriots 8
Christ Prep Patriots def Northern Virginia Centurions
Division 4
ACA Defenders 40 Virginia Spartans 12
Crimson Knights 22 Illinois Crusaders 10

Teams competing in the 2021 NHFA Tournament (listed in alphabetical order)
ACA Defenders (Acadiana, Louisiana)
Central Maryland Crusaders (Mt. Airy, Maryland)
Christ Prep Patriots (Kansas)
Crimson Knights (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Dasche Spartans (Dallas, Texas)
Georgia Force Knights (Sugar Hill, Georgia)
Grand Valley Patriots (Grand Valley, Michigan)
Illinois Crusaders (Big Rock, Illinois)
Landmark Christian Eagles (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Lighthouse Christian Chargers (Springfield, Missouri)
NOAH Jags (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Noblesville Lions (Noblesville, Indiana)
Northern Virginia Centurions (Manassas, Virginia)
OKC Patriots (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Tomball Christian Warriors (Tomball, Texas)
Virginia Spartans (Roanoke, Virginia)

The unbeaten Noblesville Lions from Indiana will be competing in their first NHFA National Championship Tournament (below)

Top Ranked Lighthouse Christian Chargers (below)

Georgia Force Knights (below) (2020 NHFA defending champions)

Tomball Christian Warriors (below)




Awards Ceremony at NHFA National Tournament NHFA Awards Ceremony



Rules & Requirements of NHFA Homeschool Teams. Homeschool teams with rosters above 24 players must have a minimum of 60% homeschoolers and if 24 or under, at least 50% homeschoolers. No more than 5 non-homeschool players should be on the field at any time. Homeschool teams must submit a team roster along with eligibility forms by October 1st, 2021.
An eligible homeschool student is defined as follows:
1. Has not turned 19 years of age by May 1st of that football season.
2. Is taking high school courses at home or is taking high school courses outside the home less than 4 days a week. Joint enrolled/dual enrolled students who meet this requirement and the other eligibility requirements are eligible.
3. Is living at home with a parent or parents, or with a guardian.
4. Is not a 5th year high school students (if they attended one or more high schools for 4 years and did not complete their educational requirements, then they are a 5th year students and not eligible).

An eligible non-homeschool student is defined as follows:
1. Has not turned 19 years of age by May 1st, 2021.
2. Is taking high school courses outside the home for 4 or more days a week.
3. Is living at home with a parent or parents, or with a guardian.
4. Is not a 5th year high school students (if they attended one or more high schools for 4 years and did not complete their educational requirements, then they are a 5th year students and not eligible).



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